Sandra Baumann

Dance teacher

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About me

I grew up in a small village in the countryside near Zurich.
My parents were active dancers and so I got born into the dancing world as well. Since I loved music and dance from an early age, my mom sent me to ballet school as a child.
Later I also done some Jazz ballet, ice skating and played the flute.
At that time, there was no ballroom dancing available for kids and teens! In October 1978 my parents opened their own dancing school,
the “Dancers Dance School” in Wallisellen/Zurich.
Soon I ended up in the first childrens’ dance class they offered.
I got infected with the “dance virus”, and still haven’t got rid off it! At the age of 17 I danced my first beginners’ competition.
After that I spent one year in Florida / USA as an exchange student, and therefore had a dancing break.
But luckily my host mother owns a ballet school where I could take up some ballet again.
Back in Switzerland I finished Diploma school in Zurich and after that got my diplomas as a gymnastics teacher and as a secretary.
This allowed me to work as a secretary in our dance school and teach in some fitness studios.
From then on I seriously concentrated on my ballroom dancing career.
From autumn 1991 until spring 1997 I danced Latin and Ballroom competitions with my brother Oliver up to top level.
Our biggest successes were in 10-dance. We turned professional in 1997 and done a few pro competitions,
then Oliver decided to end his active career. We didn’t want to start teaching without having done our exams,
so we studied and got our diplomas from Swissdance the same year. Since then we teach in our dance school,
and have done countless follow up exams, workshops and educations. In summer 1998 I started to dance with Philip Banyer,
and we soon done some major competitions.
But a few months later we had to stop competing as I was pregnant wir our son.
Our last competition was Blackpool 1999 when I was already pregnant.
We got married and my son was born in December. During the next couple of years we produced a series of teaching videos,
the faultfinder series. In 2007 we founded a new dance organisation, the Swiss Dance Sport Council.
Its goal is to promote competition dancing in Switzerland and keep the hobby competitions alive for non-licensed dancers.
After splitting up from Philip I had a dancing-break,
which was quite boring for me. I still wanted to improve,
stay up to date and keep fit! I therefore looked for a new partner to practise with and found him in Udo Lang,
a German professional dancer.
The partnership lasted from 2013 - 2018. Unfortunately with my dad retiring, the work load in the dance school got bigger and I didn’t have enough time to travel to Germany every week.
I now have a new “project”: My partner Markus is a very talented social dancer and would like to learn to dance ballroom like the top professionals.
Oh well let’s see how far we can push our old bodies at that age!
(Of course we have no intention to ever compete).
We also find it interesting to learn other dances like for example West Coast Swing.

My job in our dance school is very interesting as it consists of a variety of different jobs:
- teaching social classes of different levels
- teaching ballroom dance sport group trainings
- teaching private lessons
- preparing students for exams
- examining students
- I am responsible for course contents
- responsible for dealing with insurances, pensions, salaries
- I organise competitions
- order dance shoes for our shoe shop
……and many other jobs that need to be done in a dance school

- Swissdance diploma (Swiss professional dance teachers’ examn)
- Examiner for Swissdance teachers’ exams
- IDTA licensiate in ballroom
- federal diploma for Swiss sport school leaders
- diploma as gymnastics teacher
- diploma as secretary
- licensed judge STSV and WDC

Dancing results:
- 4 times Swiss champion in ten dance
- 2 times Swiss Ballroom champion
- 2nd place Swiss Latin championship
- 5th place (finalist) world championship ten dance 1996
- 6th place (finalist) European championship ten dance 1996
- 5th place (finalist) European championship ten dance 1997
- Quarter finalist of World Ballroom and Latin championships
- Bronce medal Central European championship Latin
- many final placings in international events





Animal protection


Courses, workshops and group training

Lead alternately Sandie Baumann, Oliver Baumann, Renato Minnig

We train solo, no couple dancing.
- Posture exercises, isolations, coordination, strength exercises, stretching, body awareness training, short conditioning part
. - Technique exercises standard
Afterwards the hall may be used for individual training for another half hour.

Hobby clubs for advanced hobby dance couples:

Monday 20:40 - 22:10

Sunday 19:30 - 21:00

Monday 19:00 - 20:30

- All-round basic course for beginners: Monday 19:10 - 20:30 starting 18 October

- Standard group training. Friday 19:15 - 20:45 Technique training Standard for ballroom dancing couples of all classes. With final dancing at the end.

- Hobby Easy Sunday: 18:00 - 19:30

Slowfox for hobby couples.

1x per month workshops on Saturday evening, incl. dancing entrance fee.

Level 1 for beginners 18:00 - 19:30 (previous dance experience necessary)

Level 2 for advanced dancers 19:30 - 21:00

For dates see: slowfox info

More courses:

Private lessons

Private lessons cost 120.- per couple for 60 Min. Competitors may be subsidized:
Adults 110.-, Children/Teenagers 80.-.



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